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DRAI Milano

Founded in 1987 in a warehouse of only 120 square meters in Cesano Maderno, Drai Milano is a trading company specialized in components and customized solutions for the power transmission sector. Today DRAI operates in its headquarters in Novate Milanese (a warehouse of over 2,000 square meters) while its inclination for exploration and innovation extends even beyond national borders.


Company of the DRAI Milano Group founded in 2001, PMM operates as a manufacturing company specialized in the production of jacks and angular gears for the power transmission sector. It implements special projects to ensure customized solutions and meet customer needs.

PMM invests in technological development and innovation of production processes, enabled by new technologies and computer systems aimed at improving warehouse management. Thanks to its digital infrastructure, PMM is able to monitor and manage the production cycle in real-time, from the receipt of raw materials to the finished product. Its inclination towards new production technologies for improving the quality of systems and products has made PMM a perfect example of Industry 4.0.

DRAI Polonia

Established in 2011, DRAI Poland is the Polish division of DRAI Milano, expanding the network in Eastern Europe with the same sales philosophy and market approach. In particular, DRAI Poland has developed solutions in the boiler sector with automated fuel loading systems.


Founded as SITI IBERICA in 1974, it became SABADELL in 1980 and later CUBY TRANSMISSION POTENCIA. In 2017, it joined the DRAI Milano Group, sharing the goal of developing and focusing on the Catalan market, with a particular emphasis on the meat and packaging sectors. These sectors represent the heart of a food market that is based on the quality of its products with international recognition.


Established in 2003, DRAI China is the Chinese division of DRAI Milano specialized in the production of mechanical components for the power transmission sector. The decision of DRAI Milano to invest in Chinese territory came after the realization - in the early 2000s - of the investment opportunities that China could offer. Today, after twenty years of experience, DRAI Milano can confirm the reliability of DRAI China products, thanks to a careful selection of local partners and controlled and certified production processes that assure the standards that DRAI Milano has always set for itself.

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